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Celebrities on Red carpet


Celebrities often play a leading role in setting fashion trends and body expression, and piercings are no exception.
Top 10 Celebrities wearing piercings

MADAJ presents its top 10 trendiest celebrities sporting piercings:


Selena Gomez's Piercings

(Copyright : Pinterest; L'Officiel FRANCE)

Initially known for her start as an actress on Disney Channel, Selena Gomez is now the most followed celebrity on social media and is the founder of the cosmetics brand Rare Beauty. In recent years, the celebrity has embraced the piercing trend that is seen everywhere.

Indeed, Selena regularly sports a collection of diamond piercings that add a trendy touch to her iconic look. Among them, the lobe, tragus, and helix piercings can be identified.



Kylie Jenner's Piercings

(Copyright : Daily Mail; PopSugar; Pinterest)

Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan but also the youngest billionaire entrepreneur thanks to her multiple cosmetic brands such as Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin. Following in the footsteps of her sister Kendall, Kylie opted for ear piercings in 2015.

Indeed, Kylie is often seen with a collection of white gold piercings on the lobe, helix, tragus, daith and industrial.



Kendall Jenner's Piercings

(Copyright : AuFeminin; Kelly Warner; HawtCelebs)

 Kendall Jenner, a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, is a renowned model who has walked for prestigious brands during the Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris, Milan, and London.

In addition to her modeling career, Kendall has launched her own clothing line, perfectly in tune with her elegant style. Her influence as a fashion icon is undeniable.

She is often noticed at events sporting her famous nipple piercing and a discreet diamond lobe piercing, all while remaining true to her elegant and glamorous style.



Hailey Bieber's Piercings

(Copyright : Getty Images; Pinterest)

Hailey Bieber, a renowned model who has worked with major fashion houses, is also a television host and the founder of the cosmetics brand Rhode. Additionally, she is the wife of the famous singer, Justin Bieber. 

Known for her elegance and avant-garde style, Hailey Bieber frequently sports ear piercings that enhance her glamorous and sophisticated appearance.

 Her choices typically include lobe and helix piercings, adding a touch of refinement to her overall look.



Miley Cyrus Piercings

(Copyright : Getty Images; Journal des Femmes)

Miley Cyrus, a versatile American artist, first gained fame as the lead actress in the successful TV series Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, where she played the role of Miley Stewart. Her 2023 single "Flowers" earned her the title of Record of the Year, further enhancing her public recognition.

Her style, although sometimes eccentric, remains in line with her public image. The singer is often noticed with a variety of ear piercings such as the lobe and helix, demonstrating her bold yet elegant style.



Rihanna's Piercings

(Copyright : Pinterest; Refinery29; StyleCaster)

Since her glorious debut in music and the founding of the cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty in 2017, Rihanna has become the first artist to have songs surpassing one billion streams.

For years, Rihanna has been known for her somewhat streetwear, extravagant looks at various events such as the Met Gala or the Golden Globes Awards.

She sports ear piercings on the helix, lobe, and tragus with a style featuring studs or hoops.



Dua Lipa's Piercings

(Copyright : Pinterest)

Dua Lipa, a versatile artist: singer, songwriter, and model, made a significant impact in 2017 with the release of her debut album, catapulting her career to new heights and earning her several awards, including Grammy Awards.

Beyond her musical success, Dua Lipa was chosen as the face of Yves Saint Laurent for their new perfume, Libre.

Dua Lipa’s style embodies a distinctive and avant-garde look, especially with her numerous diamond ear piercings such as the conch, contraconch, and lobe, perfectly reflecting her status as an icon of contemporary fashion and music.



Blake Lively's Piercings

(Copyright : AuFeminin; British Vogue; ELLE)

 Blake Lively, a renowned actress and entrepreneur, notably stood out in the iconic role of Serena Van der Woodsen in the series "Gossip Girl," propelling her fame in Hollywood.

As a true symbol of elegance and style, Blake embodies the very essence of the Hollywood "it girl," always sporting looks that are in line with the latest fashion trends.

Like many celebrities, Blake has opted for ear piercings such as the lobe, rook, and helix piercings.



Scarlett Johansson's Piercings

(Copyright : Getty Images; Pinterest) 

Scarlett began her career as an actress in a multitude of successful films and over time, she has become a fashion and beauty icon, also adopting some of the current trends such as diamond piercings on the lobe, helix, tragus, and anti-helix.

Indeed, Scarlett thus embodies an influential figure in both politics and fashion with her sophisticated casual look.



Beyonce's Piercings

(Copyright : Pinterest; HarpersBazaar; Beyonce Online)

Beyoncé began her musical career as a member of the R&B group Destiny's Child, before pursuing a solo career that launched her onto the international stage. 

Over the years, she has received numerous awards, including several Grammy Awards, and has produced acclaimed albums such as "Dangerously in Love," "Beyoncé," "Lemonade," and "Renaissance."

Regarding her personal style, Beyoncé's choices in ear piercings often complement her stage outfits as well as her more casual looks. She frequently opts for helix piercings as well as multiple lobe piercings, adding a distinctive touch to her public appearances.



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