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Article: Original Gift Idea for Mother's Day: Give Her a Piercing!

MADAJ Jewelry Box

Original Gift Idea for Mother's Day: Give Her a Piercing!


Mother's Day presents a perfect opportunity to show your affection to your mom. If you haven't yet found the ideal gift and time is running short as the big day approaches, you are in the right place to discover an original suggestion.

At MADAJ Piercings, we are delighted to offer you an exclusive selection of diamond piercings specially thought out for Mother's Day.

This selection is the ideal occasion to consider varied piercing options, beyond the traditional lobe piercing, which remains the most common. We invite you to forego overly conventional gifts for such a significant occasion, and opt for a customized 18-carat gold piercing that will perfectly match your mom's personality and tastes.



It is essential to consider your mom's personal preferences before choosing a piercing.

  • Think about the type of metal she particularly favors: does she usually prefer yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold?
  • Next, think about the style of piercing that might suit her : options might include hoops, studs, or other varied designs.



Hoop Piercings

Hoop Piercing Collection

Explore our collection of hoops piercings in 18-carat gold and diamonds, a refined selection for a gift imbued with elegance. Hoops are a sure value in jewelry, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and modernity. These delicate pieces are designed to enhance with a subtle yet remarkable touch, paying homage to every mom's timeless style.
Discover our Hoop Piercing Collection → 


Timeless Piercings

Discover our timeless piercings in 18-carat gold and diamonds, specially selected for their eternal elegance. Each piece in this collection embodies finesse and durability, perfectly suitable as a meaningful present for Mother's Day. These jewels, synonymous with durability and classicism, promise to remain in vogue year after year while maintaining their sparkle and allure.

Discover our Stud Piercing Collection  → 



Lotus Piercings

Our Lotus piercings collection in 18-carat gold and diamonds is inspired by the beauty and symbolic purity of the lotus. These jewels, representing rebirth and natural elegance, make an ideal gift to show your admiration and respect for your mom. Their unique design makes them exceptional pieces that captivate and celebrate the unique splendor of the wearer.

Discover our Lotus Piercing Collection 


Flower Piercings

Flower piercing collection

The Flower piercings collection in 18-carat gold and diamonds offers a magnificent representation of natural delicacy and floral beauty. Perfect for Mother's Day, these jewels capture the essence of femininity with delicate floral motifs, ideal for those who appreciate fine details and a distinctive style. Each piece is a tribute to the timeless beauty of natural forms, making every gifting moment memorable. 

Discover our Flower Piercing Collection 

At MADAJ Piercings, we offer you an exclusive selection of diamond and 18-carat gold piercings, guaranteed hypoallergenic. You can choose with confidence, assured of the quality and safety of our products.

For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or via our contact form on our website. We are here to assist you.

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