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Kane | Flower Diamond Hoop Piercing

Sale price$830

Color:18k White Gold
Inner Diameter:
 The diameter of the hoop plays a significant role in its appearance and comfort. The diameter of a hoop earring is typically measured across its innermost part. Below is a visual guide to help you choose the ideal hoop size for each piercing location.

Hoop Piercing Size Suggested

Please note: Our suggested hoop sizes are provided as a general guide. Keep in mind that individual ear anatomy varies, so these sizes may differ slightly for each person. 


Item sold singly.


As an expert in the field, we present an elegant and versatile piece with flower style 18k gold hoop piercing for your unique taste. Sparkle with the top natural G-VS diamonds in any skin town. Sizes vary to fit your personal needs.

Kane | 18k White Gold 5 mm Flower Diamond Hoop Piercing
Kane | Flower Diamond Hoop Piercing Sale price$830