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Discover our exclusive Diamond Antitragus Piercing Collection in 18 carat gold. MADAJ only selects top natural diamonds of G - VS quality. Our artisans, with their unparalleled skills, blend contemporary methods with traditional craftsmanship, offering a spectrum of white, pink, and yellow gold designs.
Complete your look with our selection of Diamond Conch Piercings and Diamond Tragus Piercings.

Recommended Sizes for Antitragus Piercings: Post Lengths: 5 to 6.5 mm | Hoop Diameters: 5 to 8 mm | Ear Piercings Size Guide

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18K GOLDSkadi | 18k White Gold 7 mm Diamond PiercingSkadi | 18k White Gold 7 mm Diamond Piercing

Skadi | Diamond Piercing

Sale price$1,340
18K GOLDSulis | 18k White Gold 5 mm Diamond PiercingSulis | 18k White Gold 5 mm Diamond Piercing

Sulis | Diamond Piercing

Sale priceFrom $460
18K GOLDThalie | 18k White Gold 6.5 mm Diamond PiercingThalie | 18k White Gold 6.5 mm Diamond Piercing
18K GOLDThea | 18k White Gold 5.5 mm Diamond PiercingThea | 18k White Gold 5.5 mm Diamond Piercing

Thea | Diamond Piercing

Sale priceFrom $350
18K GOLDVenus | 18k White Gold 3 mm Trilogy Diamond PiercingVenus | 18k White Gold 3 mm Trilogy Diamond Piercing
18K GOLDXuan | 18k White Gold 11 mm Spike Diamond PiercingXuan | 18k White Gold 11 mm Spike Diamond Piercing

Xuan | Spike Diamond Piercing

Sale priceFrom $350

Embark on a journey of elegance and distinction with MADAJ Piercings, where we redefine the art of ear piercings through our exclusive antitragus piercing collection.

Positioned on the lower cartilage of the ear, opposite the tragus, the antitragus piercing offers a unique canvas for personal expression.
This distinctive location allows for a subtle yet striking enhancement to your ear's anatomy, providing an ideal spot for showcasing our exquisite G-VS diamonds and premium 18k gold jewelry. Whether you're new to the world of piercings or looking to add an extraordinary piece to your collection, the antitragus piercing stands out for its elegance and individuality.

Crafted for those who appreciate the finer details in life, our piercings are not just accessories; they are a statement of sophistication and a testament to our commitment to quality.
At the heart of our collection lies the unrivaled quality of our G-VS diamonds, known for their brilliant clarity and captivating sparkle.
Each diamond is meticulously selected to enhance the beauty of your antitragus piercing, set in the finest 18k gold.
Our gold is available in a variety of hues, including the white gold, the rose gold and the yellow gold, ensuring that every piece resonates with your personal style.

Our collection features two types of piercing jewelry: the stud piercing and the hoop piercing. Each style offers its own distinct appeal, from the sleek sophistication of our threaded studs to the timeless elegance of our hoop piercings.
Whether you're drawn to the simplicity and security of a stud or the freedom and fluidity of a hoop, our collection caters to every taste and preference.

Understanding that the anatomy of the ear is as unique as the individual, we offer our antitragus piercings in several sizes to guarantee a perfect fit.
We encourage our clients to refer to our comprehensive guide on antitragus piercing to make an informed choice that best suits their anatomy and aesthetic preferences. This guide is your key to understanding the nuances of ear piercings, ensuring your selection enhances your natural beauty and complements your personal style.

At MADAJ Piercings, we are committed to providing not only the finest jewelry but also the knowledge and guidance to ensure your piercing experience is positive and informed.
Discover the beauty and quality of our antitragus piercing collection today.