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Discover our premium Diamond Lotus Piercing Collection in 18 carat gold. MADAJ only select top natural diamonds of G-VS quality. Our accomplished in-house artisans skillfully marry cutting-edge technology with ancestral techniques to craft an exceptional array of white, pink, and yellow gold lotus piercings.

Find the perfect size for your Lotus Diamond Piercing in our Ear Piercing Size Guide.

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18K GOLDMaia | 18k White Gold 6 mm Lotus Diamond EarringMaia | 18k White Gold 6 mm Lotus Diamond Earring
Maia | Lotus Diamond Earring Sale priceFrom $500 USD
18K GOLDFortuna | 18k White Gold 5 mm Lotus Diamond Hoop PiercingFortuna | 18k White Gold 5 mm Lotus Diamond Hoop Piercing
18K GOLDMaia | 18k White Gold 6 mm Lotus Diamond CharmMaia | 18k White Gold 6 mm Lotus Diamond Charm
Maia | Lotus Diamond Charm Sale priceFrom $420 USD
18K GOLDMaia | 18k White Gold 6 mm Lotus Diamond PiercingMaia | 18k White Gold 6 mm Lotus Diamond Piercing
Maia | Lotus Diamond Piercing Sale priceFrom $530 USD

Delve into the serenity and elegance of MADAJ Piercings’ exclusive Lotus Diamond Piercing Collection, a line where the purity of nature meets the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Complementing the brilliance of our diamonds, our ear piercings are crafted from the finest 18k gold, available in the resplendent shades of white, rose, and yellow gold. This select choice of materials certifies that every piece is not only a feast for the eyes but a lasting emblem of elegance and sophistication.

Our Lotus Diamond Piercing Collection offers a refined selection of both stud and hoop piercings, crafted to allow for a personalized expression of style:

  • Stud Piercings: The lotus diamond stud piercings stand as a tribute to subtle beauty, ideal for those who seek a touch of elegance and a nod to timeless style.
  • Hoop Piercings: For those drawn to a bolder statement, our lotus diamond hoop piercings merge the classic allure of hoops with the symbolic grace of the lotus.

Recognizing the importance of an impeccable fit, MADAJ Piercings presents our Lotus Diamond Piercing Collection in a spectrum of sizes, tailored to meet the unique contours of individual ear anatomy and preferred placement. We invite our esteemed clientele to consult our comprehensive Ear Piercing Size Guide, an expertly curated resource intended to guide you to the perfect piercing selection. This guide is instrumental in ensuring that each piece not only aligns with your personal aesthetic but also provides unparalleled comfort and sophistication.